Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Once again: Brazilians Are Not Hispanic

Once again: Brazilians Are Not Hispanic

Written by Alan P. Marcus
Wednesday, 01 October 2003

A number of the diverse populations who migrated to Brazil include: Portugal, Italy, Poland, France, Germany, Lebanon, Syria, Japan, Russia, Austria, Turkey all of which are disengaged from the Hispanic-Latino paradigms. Brazilians don't belong to an illusory Hispanic or Latino "race." by: Alan P. Marcus


  • "approximately 231,000 Brazilians living in Massachusetts in 2003, and approximately 1.2 million Brazilians living in the entire USA."


US Health Care Costs Show Signs of Moderating, but Still Outpace Inflation

US Health Care Costs Show Signs of Moderating, but Still Outpace Inflation
12 Oct 2004


This article gives some interesting data:

  • Companies will experience 2005 cost increases of 11.5 percent
  • The average employee contribution for 2005 will be $1,481
  • The following cities recorded the highest rate increases in 2004: Memphis (22.6%), Pittsburgh (19.1%), Cincinnati (18.5%), Charlotte and Raleigh (17.3%), Hartford (16.9%), San Francisco (15.9%), Milwaukee (15.7%), Dallas/Fort Worth (15.5%), and Phoenix and St. Louis (both 14.9%).
  • Some factors driving health care costs: "In addition to consolidation, other primary drivers for health care cost rate increases include prescription drug increases, cost for new medical treatments and technology, liability concerns (which could heat up if the Patient Bill of Rights is resurrected), an increasing cost shift from a growing uninsured population and the fact that a large percentage of Americans are either at or approaching an age when they will require more health care. "

Ideas the group could explore:

  1. Ways to keep the Latin population healthy (good nutrition, housing, exercise, stress relief techniques, support groups/counseling etc)
  2. Alternative medicine
  3. Access to insurance


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pittsburgh Area web sites of interest for Latinos

(List compiled by Cati Bazan-Arias)

The Hispanic Center in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Latin American Cultural Union (LACU)

Latin American and Caribbean Heritage Room

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Latino Health Advocacy Leadership Pittsburgh

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

Global Pittsburgh

“Hola…el Show de Television”